Answers to Frequently Asked Cat Adoption Questions


CPA! Adoption Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

How do I adopt a cat?

For instructions on how to adopt; our adoption fees and what is included with those fees; and post-adoption instructions and requirements, see How to Adopt a Cat.

Can I take my new cat home the same day?

In most cases, yes. We actually prefer for you to take your new cat home so that he/she can get started being a part of your family. If you know you are in the market for a cat, it is a good idea to have some things ready for then such as bedding, food, bowls, and toys. That way, when you fall in love with the right one, you both will be ready.

Has my new pet already been vaccinated?

Yes, your new cat will have had all of the vaccinations he/she needs up until the point of adoption. This means that you may have to get more vaccines as they become due but we will have taken care of what they need up until the date of adoption.

Has my new cat already been spayed/neutered?

Yes, every cat in our program will have had the spay/neuter surgery prior to adoption. On very rare occasions, we will have kittens for adoption that have not been spayed or neutered but we will not release them to you until they have had their surgery (in general that means you pick them up directly from the vet) within a day or two of adoption.

Can I get a new cat before he/she is spayed/neutered?

No, see answer for “Has my new cat already been spayed/neutered?”

I found a cat that I want to adopt but am not sure if he/she will work out in my home with my other pets. Can I do a trial adoption?

We do trial adoptions in certain situations, usually just for our adult pets. If you are interested in a trial adoption, speak with the counselor at the adoption event about your situation. You will be required to do all of the adoption paperwork and pay the adoption fee, but your contract will have a stipulation that entitles you to a full refund if you return the cat to us within a certain time frame.

What do I do with my new cat if he/she gets sick after I adopt him/her?

Every cat leaves our care with health insurance from ShelterCare. You can use the insurance at any vet clinic (you have to file all the paperwork). It will cover your cat for 30 days and up to $750 per incident (after a $75 deductible).

Please read your insurance information carefully and be sure to activate it. This pet insurance only covers problems that have come up after adoption; it does not cover preexisting conditions.  The coverage begins 48 hours after adoption.

If your cat becomes ill within 48 hours of adoption, please contact us so that we can help you find low-cost solutions.

What if I’m having problems with the cat I adopted from CPA! and need help?

We try to set the right expectations about anything that we know about the cat before you adopt, but if you are experiencing a problem, we want to help you fix it.

We have volunteer trainers willing to help with behavioral issues and we have veterinarians that can offer advice on what to do with medical problems. We also send home every pet with 30 days of free health insurance that comes in handy should a medical problem develop after adoption. We want every adoption to be successful.

We will follow up with you after you adopt from us, to ensure that you have the support that you need. If you need to contact us before that, please email us at or give us a call at 513-279-2276. If you do not reach a live person, leave a message and we will get back to you within 24 hours.

What is your return policy?

CPA! will take back any adopted cat if the adoption does not work out for any reason. Please e-mail us at to start the return process. Please specify the problem you are having with your cat so we can assist you quickly.

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