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Clermont Pets Alive! depends on generous donations from individuals, corporations, and foundations to fund our programs, supplies, and operational expenses. CPA! provides animals in its program with food, shelter, veterinary care, obedience training and the promotion and matching necessary to find a forever family.

How You Can Help the Lost and Homeless Pets of Clermont County

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Donate Now to make a one-time or monthly donation to the care of lost and homeless pets in Clermont County.
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Contribute everyday in simple ways while shopping and searching the internet.
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Fund rescue activities in Ohio by selecting a pet, dog or cat license plate when renewing your vehicle registration tags.
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Get involved by volunteering your time or talents to serve the lost and homeless pets of Clermont County.
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Select and purchase much-needed items from our Wish List.

You can also donate your stock to Clermont Pets Alive!  Please email our development department at for this or other methods of contributing.

How Your Contribution Helps

Here’s how YOUR one-time or minimal monthly contribution can make a big difference to Clermont County’s homeless pets:

  • $10 pays for a soft and warm blanket for pets to sleep on during their short stay at a temporary shelter;
  • $20 pays for a microchip, which helps return a lost pet to its home;
  • $30 buys a session with a behaviorist to solve behavior problems;
  • $40 can purchase a bag of quality dog food to keep our foster dogs healthy and well-fed;
  • $5 per month (the equivalent of one cup of gourmet coffee a month!) provides one HeartGuard heart worm preventative pill per dog. The alternative: heart worm treatment which may cost up to $600, and frequently leads to pets being surrendered because of financial hardship.
  • $10 per month for one year pays for a behavioral boot camp for three dogs that may make the difference between a family keeping a dog or surrendering to a kill shelter for behavioral issues;
  • $25 per month pays for one overnight space in a cool, clean and comfortable indoor facility for one pet waiting for a foster family or adoption
Donate Now to Help Save a Live
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