How to Get Involved

We need the help of the whole community in order to save over 90% of ALL animals entering the Clermont County Animal Shelter.

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Donate Now to the care of lost and homeless pets in Clermont County.
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Send us a much-needed item from our Wish List.
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Get involved by volunteering your time or talents to serve the lost and homeless pets of Clermont County.

Sample Time Commitments

Here’s a few ideas how your time and talents can be put to use serving the lost and homeless pets of Clermont County:

  • ONE HOUR a DAY – Socialize dogs and/or cats at one of our Veterinary Partners.
  • ONE HOUR a WEEKEND – Setup or tear down at a local adoption event.
  • ONE HOUR a WEEK – Make phone calls to follow-up on the status of animals in foster care.
  • ONE HOUR a MONTH – Interview adopters and write up their story of love and affection.
  • CHALLENGE US – We’ll work EXTRA HARD to find a way for you use your time, talent and interest.
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