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Thank you for your interest in rescuing a homeless pet from Clermont Pets Alive! We add pets to our foster-based adoption program every week so return often and send your friends and family members too. Here’s our suggested process to add a new furry family member to your home.

Step 1: Cat's Age
Puppy Chewing a Shoe

Few things compare to the energy and joy a new kitten brings to a family. Young cats are fun to play with, cute to watch and a mountain of energy. CPA considers animals under 1 year old to be babies.

In most cases animals over 1 year old have burned off much of that kitten energy but still love to play and have fun. Cats of every age are a good addition to most homes providing joy and love without the “invest” required during the first year.

Is your home and lifestyle suitable to a new kitten or would you be better served with an older cat?

Step Two: Special Needs

Some of our cats have special needs, they’re missing a leg or an eye, they don’t like other cats or dogs, they may require medication to treat a persistent condition or may suffer from a persistent disease. These cats will typically live healthy, productive lives bringing considerable love and joy to their guardians.

Do you have room in your heart for a CPA cat with special needs?

One Eye Cat
Step Three: Single or Double (or More)

Adding cats/kittens in pairs can be a very good idea for siblings or other buddies that are bonded to one another. It also provides a constant companion to keep them entertained while you’re away or busy. Some of the CPA cats are requested to be adopted with a sibling or buddy, most can be adopted solo.

Remember, the adoption fee for the 2nd cat is 50% off!

Start Your Search

Now that you know what you want, review our available cats and kittens below. Thanks again for considering the adoption of a homeless pet from Clermont Pets Alive!

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