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Siamese Domestic Medium Hair
9.0 Pounds
4 years 0 months
Ivory (Mostly)
Coat Length:
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What We Know About Lily

Siamese "Lily" was surviving outdoors until she found a warehouse with a Good Samaritan worker who fed her.  She lived in the warehouse for at least a year and had a couple of litters of kittens since she was not yet spayed.  "Lily" was in "survival" mode, so she only trusted the man that fed her everyday.  In "survival" mode, a kitty learns quickly that the dangers outside are numerous, so it is wise to not "trust" strangers or anything "unknown", because her very life is at risk.   Unfortunately, a working warehouse has many dangers for baby kittens and "Lily's" 1st litter did not survive the dangers of forklifts and other dangers.  When "Lily" had her 2nd litter, the infant kittens were not thriving and were sickly.  Luckily, the Feeder contacted a Rescuer whose specialty is nursing sick kitties back to health.  Since "Lily's" babies were still nursing, the Rescuer insisted that semi-feral acting "Lily" come with her sickly babies, so she could nurture her babies as only Mommies can do.  Once "Lily's" kittens had recovered, they were quickly spay/neutered and adopted since they looked just like "Lily".  "Lily" had completed her Mommy Duties and it was then time for her to complete her "socialization/trusting" skills.  "Lily" has been spayed, so her Mommy days are past, it is "Lily's" turn to find her very own INDOOR Forever Home, just like her babies.

"Lily" is a complete LOVEBUG now!  She now understands that she is safely indoors and that humans are the source of WONDERFUL belly runs.  Although she enjoys pets from women, she seems to gravitate to men....most likely because her 1st human she trusted, while surviving outdoors, was her male feeder at the warehouse.  "Lily" needs a quiet home and would enjoy being the only pet (she has been around other kitties, but seems to not desire their companionship & could be intimidated by an alpha kitty).  She is a Lover and will surely be a great companion for her human(s).  "Lily" promises to bring lots of love and happiness to her Forever Family.

Adopter will need to live locally in the Greater Cincinnati, OH area.

Adoption fee includes spay/neuter, age appropriate vaccinations, microchip, test for feline leukemia, de-worming, de-fleaing, etc.

To Adopt: www.CPAAdopt.org  or Text/Call Anita at 513-317-3343

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