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Tabby Calico
7.9 Pounds
4 years 6 months
Gray And White Tabico (Tabby And Calico Markings)
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What We Know About Ellie

Unfortunately, "Ellie" is losing her loving home, due to her July 2018 Adopter getting married and combining households that will have 2 dogs.  Her Adopter tried to introduce the pooches to "Ellie", but her reaction made it clear that she cannot physically cope with the stress of living with dogs.  Although "Ellie" is healthy and thriving with a special diet for high fiber, due to "Ellie's" physical injuries in 2018 which slightly altered her abdomen area for her intestines which makes her susceptible to constipation if under stress.  For this reason, her home MUST be a very LOW stress environment.  "Ellie" is fine with other kitties, just NO dogs!  In January 2018, "Ellie" was literally scraped off the highway in the bittercold winter weather.  She had been hit by a car earlier and literally was frozen to the highway (maybe she was running away from a dog?).  Thank goodness, a Good Samaritan stopped and was expecting to just pull this poor dead kitty to the side of the road, but then she noticed "Ellie" was breathing (although very shallow breathing).  She was minutes from death, but this Guardian Angel took her home and slowly warmed her body and then got her medical treatment asap.  Although she did need surgery to repair her fractured pelvis, she is now a healthy, loving kitty who is a true living miracle.

"Ellie's" previous owner tearfully says that "Ellie" is the BEST kitty she has ever met in her life, "Ellie" is precious!  "Ellie" is a very affectionate kitty who loves human affection and just wants to be near you.  She gets along great with other kitties, just NO Dogs!  As long as "Ellie" stays on her high fiber cat food and leads a LOW stress lifestyle, "Ellie" is healthy and happy. She  promises to bring lots of love and happiness to her Forever Family.

Adoption fee includes spay/neuter, age appropriate vaccinations, microchip, test for feline leukemia, de-worming, de-fleaing, etc.

To Adopt: www.CPAAdopt.org  or Text/Call Anita at 513-317-3343

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