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We know you have countless “opportunities” to invest your resources within our Community and appreciate your interest in supporting the lost and homeless pets of Clermont County through support for Clermont Pets Alive!  We understand that, while your support is altruistic in nature, it must ultimately support the growth and public awareness of your business.

Our Promise to You

When you contact us via email at or by telephone at 513-279-2276 regarding your interest in sponsorship, we guarantee that we will:

  • LISTEN to You – There’s a story behind your interest in sponsoring Clermont Pets Alive! and we want to hear it. The joy and wonder companion animals have brought to your life is just as important in selecting the right sponsorship opportunity as the current state of your business and plans for growth through embracing your animal advocate customers and clients.
  • CHALLENGE You – No one wants to think of healthy and treatable animals losing their lives at the County Animal Shelter but that’s EXACTLY why it’s happening, our Community has looked the other way for far too long. Our development volunteers will challenge YOU to make a difference, one furry life at a time.
  • Be CREATIVE – Our development volunteers love a good challenge and there’s nothing more challenging than blending the growth of your business with saving lives at the Clermont County Animal Shelter. They’ll roll up their sleeves with you, a member of your staff or your entire Company to create a CPA sponsorship program you are proud to call your own.

Our Top Priority Needs

While creativity is important for some organizations, others want the convenience of selecting from one of our top priority needs. Contact us via email at or by telephone at 513-279-2276 to find the best match for your business.

Here are a few of our top priority needs to give you an idea of who we are and where we focus our resources:

  1. Veterinary Care – EVERY pet adopted from Clermont Pets Alive! is tested, altered, vaccinated and microchipped. We don’t believe an animal’s fee should be related to the cost to save its life, so virtually every animal adopted through CPA costs more to vet than is requested in adoption donations. The remaining cost is provided through the generosity of donors and sponsors like you. Clermont Pets Alive! spends $5,000 – $10,000 a month in Veterinary Care for animals admitted to our adoption program. Your support will help CPA achieve our goal of $25,000 / month (yes, there are THAT many animals needing help) in veterinary care for the lost and homeless pets of Clermont County.
  2. Foster Care – After an animal is rescued from the shelter and vetted it’s placed into the care of a foster family until we find its forever home.  Clermont Pets Alive! covers all veterinary care for these animals but many families that can provide temporary, loving homes are unable to provide food, litter or other supplies necessary for a healthy experience. Your support will allow CPA to provide $5,000 / month for foster care expenses, enabling the significant growth in foster homes required to save them all.
  3. Adoption Bonuses – Clermont Pets Alive! seeks to the be first choice for families adding a new furry member to their family. Keeping our adoption fees low helps, but we also think we need to sweeten the deal by adding bonuses for the products and services from local businesses. Your donation of product or services will enable CPA to provide adopters with HUNDREDS of dollars in bonuses for adopting from Clermont Pets Alive! – no one will be able to resist a cute furry face at a good price AND HUNDREDS of dollars in free gifts!
  4. Boarding Expenses – The transition from shelter to vet and from vet to foster home is not always a well orchestrated one. Unfortunately many of the animals coming from the shelter are ill and need additional treatment before they can be safely placed into a foster home. Clermont Pets Alive! has negotiated discounted boarding rates with local vets and kennels but even those fees add up quickly when boarding 10 of more animals EVERY day! Your support will provide a temporary safety net for additional pets rescued from the shelter.
  5. Animal Transport – Our dedicated volunteers give their passion, their skills, their time and often their GAS to rescue the lost and homeless pets of Clermont County. While the distances traveled aren’t great (out of state transports are typically paid by the receiving rescue), the money required to drive animals from the shelter, to the vet and to adoption events adds up quickly. With your support we’ll purchase gas cards for CPA animal transporters, allowing them to support CPA! in other ways financially.
  6. Billboards – The more people that know about the need for volunteers, fosters and donors to support the lost and homeless pets of Clermont County to more volunteers, fosters and donors will step up to serve them. With your support  to print and sponsor billboards we’ll quickly grow support for CPA to make Clermont County Ohio’s largest No Kill Community.
  7. Pet Helpline – Clermont Pets Alive! receives hundreds of phone calls and emails a week requesting help, support and guidance to keep companion animals in their home. In addition, helpline staff reach out to local rescues to place pets received from the shelter as well as follow-up with animals in foster and adoptive homes to proactively address any potential issues or concerns.  Your support will help CPA achieve our goal of $5,000 / month in supplies and services to keep companion animals OUT of the shelter.
  8. Barn Cat Program – When a community (feral) cat cannot be vetted, altered and returned to its outside home, Clermont Pets Alive! makes them available for FREE to local farms seeking non-toxic solutions for rodent control. Your support of $5,000 / year will allow CPA to make these displaced community cats productive members of a local farm.
  9. Bottle Baby Program – Displaced kittens and puppies are typically the first to be put down at the shelter because they require around the clock feeding. Clermont Pets Alive! (and we know you do too) feel these furry babies deserve a chance at life. Your support of $5,000 / year will purchase supplies to bottle feed these babies back to life.

We have many other sponsorship opportunities that will allow us to raise funds to reach our goal to save over 90% of the dogs and cats entering the Clermont County Animal Shelter. Please contact us via email at or by telephone at 513-279-2276 to discuss how sponsorship for the lost and homeless pets of Clermont County can help build your business.